Boca Cosmetic Foundation, founded in 2004, has continued to give back to our community and is always looking to enhance its involvement though creativity. Dr. Bruce Myers, MD FACS, found Boca Cosmetic Foundation when his mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. Upon her passing just a year later, Dr. Myers continues to celebrate his mother’s life through giving back to the community.

20% of all proceeds from cosmetic procedures are donated to cancer research and local chapters or can be earmarked to a patient’s specific cancer organization. Dr. Myers prides himself on giving back to the community and knows how many women and their families are affected by cancer each year.
He is dedicated to providing patients with cosmetic procedures that make them look as good as they feel, while giving back to those who suffer from cancer.

Dr. Myers is available for speaking events, in-office special events, seminars, and auction items. Please call Boca Cosmetic Foundation at 561-391-9661.

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